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For thousands of years, Natural Farming has been practiced in countries all around the world—with Japan and South Korea taking the lead in recent generations.

Serendipitously, Biomei founder, Chris Trump, met Master Cho Han-Kyu of Cho Han-kyu Global Village Natural Farming Research Institute.

Master Cho studied enzymatic theory and natural farming in Japan and brought that information back to Korea. Natural Farming Solutions power South Korea, with farmers producing nutrient-dense food and making sustainable wages.

For 12 years, Chris studied under and traveled with Master Cho. Chris became the first in the world to apply Natural Farming Solutions large-scale—not only on his family's farm, but with clients worldwide. Master Cho has asked Chris to continue developing natural farming solutions.

More about Chris

Chris was raised in both Hawaii and California. His background in construction, farming, and community-building have given him a natural love of systems thinking and engineering while prioritizing relationships, communication and shared benefits.

While living in Hawaii, California, Idaho and Colorado—Chris has traveled the world while fathering and supporting five bright and kind children.

During his Natural Farming study, Chris was struck by and resonated with Master Cho sharing out of a place of deep gratitude—honoring the Painter of Nature.

Chris loves turning a camera on project successes and failures alike—helping farmers and students see the work in action.

Thanks to students and Soilsmiths running their own farms and businesses where Natural Farming Solutions are applied—the knowledge Chris shares about working with the land and microbiology are being carried forward and passed down to the next generation.

Whether working with a dairy farm in Ireland, a golf course in Marin County, California, an alfalfa farmer in Iowa, or a garden growing food for the local community—Chris is energized by seeing the world's farms partnering with nature for regenerative and profitable agriculture.

Chris Trump

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