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in-person and online

Taste, touch and smell how natural farming works. And, if you can't come to an in-person training, there's an online intensive for you. You're welcome in our learning community!

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Comprehensive Online Course

In-Person Classes


Not just a class;
it's an experience

Get your hands, feet, eyes and nose in the learning and build relationships with folks along the way.

Hone your skills of observation and solution-finding with Natural Farming tools that are just within reach.


I learned a new appreciation for microbes and their importance on our farms and in our bodies. I learned practical, cheap, effective gardening techniques that I could go home and start implementing immediately.


Industrial Hemp Farmer for CBD Production, Gardener

The fundamental idea that I captured from Chris was not just the natural and scientific nuts and bolts of KNF (Korean Natural Farming), but the manner and perspective in which he approaches creation. When I heard him say, "we farm with love," I knew that he had a heart of compassion and hands that understood God's earth.

micah smith

Founder of Global Gateway Network, Author

My journey started 4 years ago watching your YouTube videos. And let me tell you, I loved them! I felt like a little kid watching Bob Ross painting videos on PBS. I would follow your precise instructions and recreate your inputs. But not knowing if they were correct. The majority of my challenges I came across were IMO (indigenous microorganism) collections and LAB (lactic acid bacteria). My IMO had a bit of color and was not as fuzzy white goodness that yours was and my LAB smelled off.


When I saw you were offering an intense training in Tennesse I had to sign up! I am so glad that I did. Being physically there to see, smell, taste and go though all of the variables was phenomenal. It was great to meet all the extraordinary individuals that attended. When you would share some of your stories about your journey were aw inspiring. I want to help people grow the cleanest and healthiest food/ medicine as possible. The way Mother Nature intended.


One of the last things you said to me was “ This is only the beginning”. And you know what? Your absolutely right! I want to continue my journey. I would like to be a Soilsmith and continue my studies with you. Thank you for everything!

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