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the how is just as important

Behind Biomei is a commitment to take care of what's not ultimately ours—the Earth and each other. That stewardship is beyond our scope of ownership, and is a responsibility to and with. 


One of our two Biomei core values is community through the lens of the Hawaiian Kuliana. Kuliana speaks to a mindful mutuality and harmony with nature. 


We see stewardship and caretaking as a privileged responsibility. Just  as a head of a family or chief or a matriarch would have in a communitynot getting paid for stewardship, but it being life’s purpose. We also are present-day stewards of knowledge from centuries and cultures past.


As we steward knowledge, the Earth and each other—we partner with generations past, the next generation, and generations to come.


It's not just about right-now, but legacy for the future—the legacy we steward. 

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

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Generosity through Global Giving


Quality Products 


Community in Education

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